Subtitles This World S13E05 – The New Gypsy Kings

English subtitles

The BBC’s award-winning This World strand goes inside the world of Romania’s super-rich Gypsy popstars – a world of fast cars, lavish houses and gangsters.

The Roma community is one of the most marginalised and impoverished in Europe and for years their traditional music has been their most famous export. Now a new type of Gypsy sound called Manele has swept across the country. Manele stars can earn 20,000 euros a night at opulent weddings, with cash showered over them by guests. Their videos can get millions of hits on YouTube.

But Manele is controversial – some of its lyrics glorify gangsterism and some of its biggest fans are notorious underworld figures. Filmmaker Liviu Tipurita takes us into the heart of this extraordinary world.