Subtitles Trust Me, I’m A Doctor (2013) S05E01 – HIIT (high-intensity interval training)

English subtitles

Season 05, Episode 01 – “HIIT (high-intensity interval training)”

Medical journalist Michael Mosley and a team of doctors get to the truth behind health claims and headlines. Mosley investigates whether acupuncture has a scientific basis, Dr Chris van Tulleken finds out if high-intensity exercise really is as beneficial as people believe and Dr Zoe Williams asks a group of volunteers to put home fitness monitors to the test. Plus, Dr Saleyha Ahsan outlines new guidelines on concussion.

Going behind the headlines to give you the definitive answers to your health questions. Can you be fat and fit? Could you improve your health by staying in bed longer? Should we all be taking an Aspirin pill to help us live longer? Michael Mosley is joined by a team of doctors who use their expertise to get to the bottom all those health claims