Subtitles Thunderbirds Are Go S02E03

English subtitles

Season 02, Episode 03 – “Deep Search”

It is a typical busy day for International Rescue, but a powerful underwater seaquake turns it into a perilous one. Gordon works to rescue a research team trapped in an undersea lab, and in doing so discovers a chain of Seismic destabilises along the ocean floor.

In the 21st century Jeff Tracy creates a unique emergency response team: International Rescue. Equipped with special vehicles that enable the organization to react to any crisis, whether it be anywhere on earth or in space. Jeff’s five sons operate the Thunderbirds 1 to 5 with help from engineer Brains and Kayo the pilot of Thunderbird Shadow. Lady Penelope and chauffeur Parker are the hands on intelligence team on the ground. Together they save anyone in need, while trying to find and capture the terrorist know as the Hood.