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The Durrells S02E04

Larry moves back into the family’s villa having come down with mumps, which Louisa hopes will give Aunt Hermione an incentive to cancel her planned visit. Her hopes prove in vain when her overbearing relative turns up, accompanied by medium Mrs Haddock, who claims to be able to contact Louisa’s husband. She tells Louisa that he is terribly unhappy about her numerous male admirers, fuelling her doubts over her relationship with Hugh, and proposes a seance on a stormy night to set his troubled spirit at rest.

Placed in 1935 when the Englishwoman Louisa Durrell, whose life fell apart decided to move from London to the island of Corfu,Greece. Her husband had died years before and she had financial problem. Announces the four children that move to our island and Homeric battle ensues and denial, especially when they discover that Corfu has not even electricity at that time. But is cheap, an earthly paradise and the big step for the Durrell family happens.