Subtitles Still the King S01E09 – Hands on a Hard Vessel

English subtitles

Season 1, Episode 9 – “Hands on a Hard Vessel”
Ronnie drags Debbie and Charlotte to a “hands on a hard boat” competition where whoever can stand with a hand on the boat wins. His interns film the event for Ronnie’s narcissistic documentary. He’s pumped and taunts the reigning champion, Vance. Vernon also attends but leaves abruptly when he sees Charlotte take off to a boat party with Dallas and fellow musicians. Debbie follows, questioning Vernon’s parenting know-how. Vernon steals a jet-boat to get there. In their pursuit from boat to boat, they party, bond, and get drunk. When they find her it is pretty PG. Walt was also at the contest but left when fellow P.M.S. members called him away to the woods where they found a “Sasquatch nest.” Walt arrives only to find out they are pranking him. Determined to prove his “Son of Sasquatch” theory, Walt steals DNA evidence from Dale’s trashcan. The next morning, Debbie wakes up in the boat next to Vernon. Ronnie loses the competition when an unexpected, tiny visitor emerges victorious.

Still The King features Billy Ray Cyrus as Vernon Brownmule, aka “Burnin’ Vernon,” a scandal-ridden, washed-up, one-hit-wonder who was kicked out of country music, only to emerge 20 years later as the second best Elvis impersonator around. After crashing into an old country church sign during a drunken bender, he is arrested and sentenced to return and serve as the church’s handyman as part of his parole. Along the way, he pretends to be the congregation’s new minister and reconnects with a former one-night-stand (Joey Lauren Adams), when he learns he has a 15-year-old daughter (Madison Iseman) he’s never met.