Subtitles Signed, Sealed, Delivered Specials 7 – One in a Million

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered Specials 7 – One in a Million

The city of Denver is experiencing a rash of mailbox robberies. Our intrepid four spring into action, determined to recover the stolen letters and help a young waitress retrieve a love letter she regrets having sent. Oliver is shocked to discover the perpetrator is a fellow postal worker with a personal score to settle. The postal detectives soon find themselves in a tense standoff when the culprit threatens to destroy the mail if his demands are not met. Along the way, romance slowly blossoms (too slowly for most of our POstables!) between the buttoned-up Oliver and Shane.

The story of a quirky quartet of civil servants in the Dead Letter Office who transform themselves into an elite team of lost-mail detectives. Their determination to deliver the seemingly undeliverable takes them out of the post office into an unpredictable world where letters and packages from the past save lives, solve crimes, reunite old loves and change futures by arriving late but always miraculously on time. The intrepid team is led by the charming and idiosyncratic Oliver, who still considers the stamped and mailed letter to be the gold standard of human communication. His two hapless sidekicks are thrown for a loop when a beautiful, no-nonsense technophile named Shane is mistakenly transferred to their inner sanctum and inspires the lovable crew to step up in a risky and unorthodox way.