Subtitles Luke Nguyen’s Street Food Asia S01E04 – Bangkok, Thailand (2)

English subtitles

Season 01 , Episode 4 – “Bangkok, Thailand (2)”

Luke ventures through the back streets of Bangkok in search of the best tom yum soup in the city. Then he entertains the locals creating a disappearing Thai delicacy, fresh dancing shrimp salad. Luke wanders through the streets of Chinatown before dining with locals at a 70-year-old street food stall only centimetres away from hectic traffic. He then meets up with his friend Chow who takes him to a famous street restaurant called Thip Samai where they watch the chefs cook the best pad Thai in Bangkok, ten serves at a time!

In this Southeast Asian culinary exploration, Luke Nguyen travels through Saigon, Vietnam; Bangkok, Thailand; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Jakarta, Indonesia.