Subtitles Josh S01E01 – Josh

English subtitles

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. For Josh, sometimes feels like always.

Dumped by his fiancee, he is forced to return to his old flatshare with Owen, the most romantic and lyrical Welshman since records began, and Kate, who spends her life pursuing every trend from A to Zumba.

All Josh wants is a night in with his flatmates to get over his heartbreak, but Owen is too busy pursuing a love interest he met in the greengrocers, whilst Kate is consumed with trying to reinvent her Spotify profile in order to impress a guy.

Subsequently, Josh ends up spending his time with Geoff, a shoo-in for this year’s most irritating landlord award, and a local barmaid who’s convinced Josh is on the local weirdo/serial killer spectrum.

Sitcom about flatmates Josh, Kate and Owen, and their annoying landlord Geoff.