Subtitles Hunted (UK) S02E04

English subtitles

Season 02, Episode 04

The halfway mark approaches and the pressure is on. Househusband Nick risks all reaching out to a friend for money, putting the hunters close on his tail, while Lolly, who is also short of cash, uses coded messages to get her cash – but Chief Bleksley thinks he knows what she is up to. Childhood friends Madu and Ayo find the experience is pushing their relationship to explosive limits – and things get tense when the Chief deploys dogs and aerial drones to track the remaining fugitives.

In today’s hi-tech world, where there is a CCTV camera on every corner and everything people do is monitored – from cash withdrawals and supermarket shopping to telephone calls and social media posts – how easy would it be to simply disappear? That’s the challenge facing a group of ordinary British people in this social experiment which sees them going on the run and taking extreme measures to avoid detection. Where they go and what they do is entirely up to them – but with a team of expert “hunters” tracking them down, the task promises to be a tough one.