Subtitles Flying to the Ends of the Earth S02E02 – South Pacific

English subtitles

Season 02, Episode 02 – “South Pacific”

Arthur Williams visits the island of Wadigi, part of the Fiji chain, as he continues the series exploring some of the planet’s most remote places. Tracey Johnson has turned the island into a bolthole for the super-rich, but she only leases the island from its traditional owners – Tia Ratubuli and his family. Tia teaches Arthur to catch leatherjacket fish by hand from the coral reef. Flying on to the island of Koro, Arthur meets Marianna, whose village was recently devastated by a cyclone. On the islands of Vanuatu, flying doctor Mark Turnball takes Arthur on his rounds. Finally, Arthur attempts to land on the slopes of an active volcano.

Arthur Williams flies to some of the world’s smallest and most dangerous landing strips to try and discover why people want to live in such remote places and he learns how small planes have managed to open up the planet’s most remote and most beautiful wildernesses.