Subtitles Damned (2016) S01E04 – Episode 4

English subtitles

Season 01, Episode 04

Rose’s mum has dementia. There’s no way of looking after her unless Rose can pass her off as work experience and craftily get her assessed by the Elderly Care team upstairs. Denise and Nitin have their suspicions but, thankfully, their attention is diverted when allegations surface of sexual abuse by a famous actor at a local children’s home. Ex-copper Nitin’s ready to pull him in straight away, but Al and Rose aren’t so sure. The main thing is to keep the story out of the press but while all this is going on, where’s Rose’s mum gone?

Social workers Rose and Al work in a children’s services department, dealing every day with the all too familiar social issues that flood the media. Swimming against a tide of bureaucracy and pedantry, and contending with the absurdities and irrationalities of life in a county council office, the pair attempt to navigate their way through their equally trying professional and personal lives.