Subtitles Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin Sclopio Peepio S01E04 – For Blanchett

English subtitles

Season 01, Episode 04 – “For Blanchett”

Sketches include: Baby Sleuths, Poompf, Ilana Glazer Does Accents, Pre-Teen With A Predator Head, Coked Up Paddle Boarder and Fruit Blood: This Is How We Screw.

An animated sketch-comedy show, Sclopio Peepio comprises short, singular routines, short films, and songs. Each episode is a quarter-hour long, with some sketches lasting only a few seconds.As part of the main cast, Affion Crockett, Ilana Glazer, Darrell Hammond, Gabourey Sidibe, and Neely provide the voices of various characters. One guest star appears each episode.