Subtitles Baroness von Sketch Show S01E01 – I Can’t Believe This Used to Take Days

English subtitles

Season 1, Episode 1 – “I Can’t Believe This Used to Take Days”
A satirical sketch show that pokes fun at daily concerns begins with a look at ad execs struggling to market women’s soap. Also, the difficulty in writing a sympathy card.

Carolyn Taylor, Meredith MacNeill, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen star in this six episode series that takes a comedic look at our narcissistic contemporary culture. Fast paced and irreverent, Baroness von Sketch Show is a single-camera comedy, shot on location, that offers a witty take on everyday concerns. From the politics of ordering a coffee to entitled coworkers to open relationships, this satirical sketch show holds a fun house mirror up to modern life.