Subtitles Barely Famous S02E05 – Back in L.A. for Big Fun

English subtitles

Brad, Brett and tour manager Marty enjoy some fun in the California sun as they take in some R & R between concert dates with Tim McGraw, Big Kenny, and Big & Rich’s “”Two Foot Fred””. After several weeks of exhaustive touring, the boys find themselves with a few free days to relax in L.A. — where they decide to cram in as much insane fun as humanly possible.
The boys hit the beach in Venice — where they convince Marty to go shopping for thong bikinis (which they parade along the shore), then they hit the Sunset Strip with McGraw, where Brett and Tim end up getting tattooed. As the sun goes down, the boys drag Big Kenny and Two Foot Fred out to Hollywood’s Dresden nightclub — where they seize the piano bar from the movie Swingers and tear the house down with a supper club rendition of “”Save A Horse (Ride a Cowboy).””
After a full day of Hollywood hysteria, the boys convince Marty to head South of the Border on a road trip to Mexico’s Rosarita Beach where they enjoy some Tequila

Never a dull moment, never a major hit. Singing duo The Warren Brothers have come close but have never quite grasped the brass ring. In Barely Famous: The Warren Brothers, CMT takes a comical look through the eyes of the unpredictable Brad and Brett into their almost-famous life, which runs the gamut from hanging out at the Waffle House to hanging out at superstar Tim McGraw’s house.